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"Fast Edit v1.0" - edit your content right here on the page!

A free and easy CMS to edit your website. It's all "point-and-click"! Includes file manager and page manager with a one-click interface to easily arrange the menu, create and delete pages, make and restore backups, set metadata for search engines, and more! Supports multi-regions too!

Who's it for?

  • Webmasters with basic-to-intermediate HTML/PHP experience
  • Webmasters with a website that uses standardised web templates (i.e. - common header and footer files)
  • Webmasters who do not wish to use, or do not have access to, a database
  • Webmasters/users who do need/want a fully featured CMS
  • Webmasters/users who do need/want multiple editable regions per web page

Login / Try it out

For this demo, the "Admin Login" (top right) username is "admin1" and the password is "demo1".

Additionally, since the August 23rd 2013 update in Fast Edit v1.0, you can login to manage the site from a dedicated Admin Area.

Once logged-in, Fast Edit appears at the bottom of the page, so scroll down to play!

DOWNLOAD NOW! Also see, how to install Fast Edit v1.0

PHP & JavaScript

This editable area contains PHP and JavaScript.

By default, if you try to edit and save this page, the PHP code inside the editable area will "break" - this is because user inputs can be unsafe, so Fast Edit will strip-out any potentially harmful PHP tags as a safety-precaution.

To protect and allow PHP code to be used by the end-user, uncomment the "protect:" block in the "fast_edit/js/fast_edit_toolbar.js" file.

WARNING: This could allow unsafe actions to be performed on the server so use with extreme caution!

This is PHP code - protected in the "fast_edit/js/fast_edit_toolbar.js" file.

View the source code via the toolbar's HTML button to see me.