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Fast Edit: A flat file, PHP web page editor & CMS ... small, FREE, no database!

Fast Edit is a free and easy, WYSIWYG, HTML content editor that loads directly on the web pages you want to edit.

Fast Edit is also a feature-packed Content Management System (CMS) where you can manage files, create and delete pages, make and restore backups, set metadata for search engines, and decide what to display in the automatic menu. And all via a one-click interface!

Best suited to small-medium sized websites, Fast Edit uses flat (text) files to store information. No database needed!

Fast Edit


Features? Well, there's an absolute oodle in this caboodle. Fast Edit comes bundled with file, page, template and metadata managers; basically, everything that's listed in those slinky blue boxes at the top of the page... and then a few things more for good measure!


Fast Edit can be plugged into any existing website. All that's needed is a little bit of restructing to;

  • move the top of your website markup to the header template file
  • move the bottom of your website markup to the footer template file
  • put the editable content into text files (supports multiple regions per page)
       - for ultra-quick editable areas, try Fast Edit BE (Snippet Manager); super-easy setup, no restructuring!

The download pack comes with an example website setup for reference, but you can see the installation page for more details.


To test the capabilities of Fast Edit, please head over to the live demonstration to see what this CMS can do.

You can also watch "How-To" usage videos for Fast Edit on my "Focus on Function" YouTube channel.


Downloads are available when you view the full version of this website on a desktop computer.


  • a PHP enabled server (with "Safe Mode" turned OFF) - tested on Apache under Linux and Microsoft-IIS 7 under Windows NT
  • access to chmod files on your hosting server
  • a JavaScript enabled web browser


Fast Edit is free for anybody to use and is released under the GNU General Public License agreement. It is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but comes without any warranty. If you like Fast Edit, please consider making a donation towards further development.

About the Author

Beverley HootonHello. My name is Beverley Hooton and I've been employed as Website Technician for a Specialist Technology College in Derbyshire, UK, since the start of 2008. You'll also find me at Focus on Function Web Design working on freelance and private projects. [more]

Last updated: April 2nd, 2015