"Fast Edit BE (Snippet Manager)" - edit multiple web page snippets!

Edit and save content snippets for your web pages with a WYSIWYG editor. Have as many content snippets, on as many web pages as you like (multiple regions per page). Backup and restore snippets via a one-click interface, and manage your files too.

Who's it for?

  • Webmasters with basic HTML/PHP experience
  • Webmasters who don't want to, or don't know how to use/setup standardised web templates
    (i.e. - common header and footer files, as used by other versions of Fast Edit)
  • Webmasters who do not wish to use, or do not have access to, a database
  • Webmasters/users who don't need/want a full-on CMS
  • Webmasters/users who do need/want multiple editable regions per web page

Login to the Back-End (Oh... so that's what "BE" stands for!)

Login to the demo here - the "Admin Login" username is "adminbe" and the password is "demobe".

DOWNLOAD NOW! Also see, how to install Fast Edit BE (Snippet Manager)

The Home Page

Welcome to the home page.

This is an editable snippet region - have fun using Fast Edit!

Beverley Hooton

Hi, I'm Bev and I like to make websites. I designed Fast Edit and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Take a look at some of the work I've done, or if you are planning a new web project, feel free to contact me.

This block is outside of any editable snippet region.


Bottom Snippet

Another lovely snippet to edit! How about a picture?

Meet "Wuzzy" - my pet bee.

Side Info

Some interesting content, blah, blah!

A snippet can be placed anywhere on your website.

It doesn't matter what page - whether it's on the home page or in a sub-folder, all snippets will be listed in the Back-End Snippet Manager for easy edits, backups and restores.

Everything in one place! You can't get much easier than that!

First NameLast NameDOB
Laura Healy 15/08/1972
Jim Richardson 21/03/1984
Catherine Reynolds 17/10/1979
Robert Pritchard 18/12/1989
Betty Smith 02/02/1954
Andrew Castleton 30/09/1968
Davina Grey 04/05/2001
John Lucas 12/04/1992