"Fast Edit BE (Snippet Manager)" - edit multiple web page snippets!

Edit and save content snippets for your web pages with a WYSIWYG editor. Have as many content snippets, on as many web pages as you like (multiple regions per page). Backup and restore snippets via a one-click interface, and manage your files too.

Who's it for?

  • Webmasters with basic HTML/PHP experience
  • Webmasters who don't want to, or don't know how to use/setup standardised web templates
    (i.e. - common header and footer files, as used by other versions of Fast Edit)
  • Webmasters who do not wish to use, or do not have access to, a database
  • Webmasters/users who don't need/want a full-on CMS
  • Webmasters/users who do need/want multiple editable regions per web page

Login to the Back-End (Oh... so that's what "BE" stands for!)

Login to the demo here - the "Admin Login" username is "adminbe" and the password is "demobe".

DOWNLOAD NOW! Also see, how to install Fast Edit BE (Snippet Manager)

A Snippet Higher Up...

There are lots of pretty colours in a rainbow.

A Snippet Lower Down...

This is an editable snippet region for Page 2.

It's listed as "Page 2 Snippet BOTTOM" in the Snippet Manager