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"Fast Edit v2.0" - edit your content right here on the page!

March 2012: Fast Edit v2.0 development has been temporarily suspended further to long-term family commitments.
The date for the official release of Fast Edit v2.0 is uncertain, but I still hope to release it some time in the future.
Until then, here's a trial demonstration to keep you going...

A sneak peak at the future of Fast Edit. This unreleased demo supports multi-level menus and sub-pages, and includes page comments, a layout switcher (1-column or 2-column) and style switcher, as well as all the usual stuff available in the current release, Fast Edit v1.0.

If you want to grab yourself some freebies...

Login / Try it out

For this demo, the "Admin Login" (top right) username is "admin2" and the password is "demo2".

Additionally in Fast Edit v2.0, you can login with the same details to manage the site from a dedicated Admin Area.

Once logged-in, Fast Edit appears at the bottom of the page, so scroll down to play!


Animals come is all shapes and sizes.


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RSPCA : 137882597310th Sep 13 (03:12pm) ¬

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes hundreds of thousands of animals each year in England and Wales.

Tribble: 137882605810th Sep 13 (03:14pm) ¬

Tribbles are fictional animals in the Star Trek universe who first appeared in the episode titled "The Trouble With Tribbles".

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